The Green Team

Ben Napier brings together 14 years of experience as an engineer, song-writer, bandleader and multi-instrumentalist, to provide competitive and intuitive professional audio production to artists and clients both in studios and music venues throughout the DFW area.

Napier has played music in the Fort Worth Music Scene since 2005, in acts like Automorrow, Sally Majestic, and Bogus Green. Napier has produced music for many Fort Worth Artists like

Napier has worked FOH/MON staff at the following venues:

Napier has also engineered the following venues by freelance hire, either through the venue, by band request, or on staff for a specific event:


Zach Tucker

Zach Tucker

A recent graduate of the Collin County Audio Engineering Program, and the Green Audio Productions Audio Internship program, Zach Tucker has quickly developed a name for himself as a talented producer on the indie rock scene in Texas. As the bass player of the bands Animal Spirit, Panic Volcanic, Dead Vinyl, and Bomb Quixote, Zach is fluent and fully immersed in the Fort Worth scene. If you're looking for a fresh prespective from a great up and coming engineer with killer ears, and you want someone who will take the time to get the sound you're after, Zach is your man. He is our most affordably priced engineer. Rates starting at $175/day, $25/Hour

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