Studio History

Befriend the people who make it their work to make your music real. They are friends worth having! -Ben

Nomad Recording Studio- Carrolton, TX

This was one of my favorite studios to work in. I Interned here with Sterling Winfield, Barry Saling, and Gary Long. When you wanted to be able to track the whole band live, but you needed the maximum sonic potential for all your tracks, Nomad was the place. 4 Isolated tracking spaces, with distinct characters, including an excellent drum room, a 32 channel, fully Analog Otari Mixing Console.

An indepedent, completely discrete, super clean mixing and mastering room was available for simultaneous use. The Mix Room featured Manley, and Dangerous Analog Mastering gear, as well as the complete Waves line of Plug Ins for Pro Tools. This studio space changed hands in 2013, and Gary Long is continuing to work as Nomad, with a smaller facility primarily aimed at Mixing and Mastering.

Gary still runs a smaller Mastering/Mixing Facility in Carrolton, and Masters most of the material that I produce and mix. Give him a call @: 214-282-6388, or send him an email:


Studio 216- Granbury, TX

Steve Smith opened this "Community Space" in Granbury in the mid 00's, which had a modest Cubase Rig and a plethora of 'Shanghai' SM57 copies, as well as a pretty eccentric mix of instruments, and bits of wood that were formerly instruments. They used to throw wild house shows for road bands in between Dallas and Austin and stream them live so that we could watch them from Fort Worth! Steve invited my band Automorrow to do some preproduction writing sessions at the studio free of charge. We wrote about a third of our album "No Rest" at 216, and I went on to cut some sessions with The Hanna Barbarians and Sally Majestic there before Steve decided to make it the home of his growing T-Shirt/Silk Screen business which is still thriving today!

Steve still does the best job and the quickest turnaround that I've found on T-Shirts! Get ahold of him @ 817- 964-0705


Aaron Ave Studios- Arlington, TX

Blue Smoke Studios- Ft. Worth, TX

This studio is where great DFW songwriters like Josh Weathers, Luke Wade and David Matsler cut their first full length records with my good friend Nick Choate. Bands like The Hendersons and The Orbans rented rehearsal rooms here in some of their earliest incarnations. I could gush and gush about how much soul has been bled out into the floors and walls of this place. Tucked into a warehouse complex southeast of Downtown, it felt a lot like trying to find the back way to the batcave, according to folks who were trying to tag along to the "Blue Smoke Mafia" jam parties that were rumored to happen after Chris Maunder would kick everyone out of The Moon Bar, back in the day. Nick used to keep his console and pro tools rig in a corner of the live room, so he could be "connected" to the band at all times. I did two sessions here, in the same room as a 4x12 cabinet, and told Nick that he was crazy and that he needed a proper control room. Nick decided eventually that he'd rather just sell me the place. Works for me.

(RIP) Dead Studios

Pineapple Studios- Arlington, TX

Spent 3 hours playing hookey in 8th grade, trying to find this place, 4 blocks from my school, in downtown Ag. Never found it, but went on to meet and befriend several engineers that cut their teeth here, and many musicians who laid tracks here.  Never saw the inside of the place...

LoudCow/ SoundVision Studios - Mansfield, TX (03-05)

 Cut my teeth here on real gear. Got wisdom from Brian Szarek, Barry Saling, Tobias Harrison on a daily basis. This period changed my life! Got to really produce some records start to finish, learned how to mix, met a Neumann Microphone, fell in love, etc...

Green Audio -Mansfield (01-03)

This is where I took DON'T 101. How NOT to make records. Learned a lot nonetheless... Recorded lots of friends who went on to make lots of cool music... like Adam Reeves, Michael Dufault & Censored, Colin Laflin & Shayne Lechelt.